Fellow Member Award by Malaysian Institute of Chemistry

Fellow Member Award by Malaysian Institute of Chemistry

Dr Linda's IKM membership was upgrade to the highest grade the FELLOWSHIP. Her contribution was recognized during the Annual Dinner of Malam Kimia 2013.

Her profile and contributions below was read by Commandant Dr Yew.

"Dr Linda Ng Yian Yian received her first degree in Chemistry in 1987 from Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang. She immediately pursue her studies on part time basis to complete her Masters in Analytical Chemistry in 1990 and received her doctorate in Physical Organic Chemistry within 4 ½ years from the same university while contributing 3 international journals publications. She was also appointed to supervise six final year undergraduate students.

Dr Linda Ng has been an ardent member of IKM, Licentiate Member of IKM since 1989, Associate Member since 1994. She has been a Council Member of IKM since 2010. She holds the responsibility as a Technical Assessor for ISO/IEC 17025 under Department of Standards Malaysia (DSM) since 2010.

Dr Linda’s professional career extends over 26 years in the practical application of Chemistry covering more than 10 years’ experience in ISO/IEC 17025 Quality Management System, more than 7 years in research and development and over 5 years in quality assurance and quality control in manufacturing sector.

Her career began with the design and set-up of GMP manufacturing plant and QC laboratory for a pharmaceutical company in Penang. She took up the challenge of setting up an R & D laboratory in the School of Chemical Sciences in USM for a textile manufacturing company in Penang. She successfully developed a substitute fabric softener to replace the high cost imported raw material and lead the full scale production of the substitute. As an appreciation to her contribution she was awarded the Group Presidential Silver Award 1996.

Dr Linda furthers her career in the Klang Valley where she took up the role of Quality Assurance Manager and swiftly promoted to the Group Quality Manager in a well reputed commercial laboratory company. During her years in the company, she successfully steered three laboratories to ISO/IEC Guide 25 accreditation. She also successfully upgraded the ISO/IEC Guide 25 accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation for all the laboratories in Malaysia.  She led to the reinstatement of ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation under SPRING Singapore within 7 months. Dr Linda Ng was involved in the set-up and accreditation of its Bangkok’s laboratory. Throughout the eight years of employment with the company, she successfully extended the scope of accreditation from the initial 14 chemical tests to 110 chemical tests and 30 microbiological tests. She is ISO/IEC 17025 approved signatory for chemical and microbiological analysis for all the laboratories under the group. Dr Linda Ng excellent contribution and performance has earned her the company’s Quality Award for the year 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005 running.

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Dr Linda Ng continued her career in another commercial laboratory where she extended the scope of accreditation into newly launched field of biotechnology, making the laboratory to be the first commercial testing laboratory accredited in PCR testing and drug residues analysis using LCMSMS. She was involved in exploration of business development opportunities for the company. She is SAMM approved signatory for chemical, microbiology and nucleic acid analysis.

She currently runs her own consulting firm, QMJ Consultancy Services which has been in operations for over 5 years. She provides comprehensive solution to ISO/IEC 17025 Quality Management System, GLP Standard, GMP Standard, Laboratory Set-up, QA & QC Laboratory Management, Method Development and Method Validation and Research and Development. The projects she manages that are in progress or has completed are listed below.
  1. Set-up the chemical, microbiology and life science laboratory for QA and R & D purposes for a biofertilizer manufacturing company.
  2.  Reinstatement of ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation for a food manufacturing company.
  3. Design more than 10 method development and method validation for pharmaceutical products for drug registration purposes.
  4. Set-up of QA/QC physical and microbiology laboratory for a confectionary company. She led the company to the attainment of Moody HACCP certification and later successfully migrated to MOH HACCP certification.
  5. Extensive documentation of Training and Operations Manual for all laboratory equipment, on-site servicing and training of overseas airport catering personnel.
  6.  Set-up of chemical and microbiology laboratories for hemodialysis concentrate and dialysis water analysis for a manufacturing company. The company attained the ISO 13485 certification.
  7. Set-up chemical and microbiology laboratories for feed, food and water analysis for a new commercial testing laboratory in Sarawak.
  8. Design a method development for metals analysis in metallic stearates, an additive in plastic industry.
  9. Engaged by a number of SAMM laboratories for internal auditing in ISO/IEC 17025 standard."