Type of Laboratories

Type of Laboratories

Chemical Laboratory

Depending on the type of test the chemical laboratory will be equipped with the latest technological instruments like chromatograph and spectrometric for the best analytical and testing. Testing will also include the identification and determination of components like metals and impurities in various samples like food, water, feed, environmental and commercial products. International standards methods of analysis and testing are adopted to meet the local and international demands.

The facilities will be ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited and all the analytical methods are assessed by accreditation bodies recognized internationally.

Microbiology Laboratory 

Microbiology laboratory will be equipped with the required equipment for the testing and examination of food, swabs and water samples for microorganisms which may or may not have harmful effects on humans and animals. Organism tests include coliforms, bacillus cereus, moulds, salmonella, E coli and yeast. Other test that can be conducted include bacteria, viruses, mycotoxins like aflatoxin, citrnin, allergens and vitamins which will require special high tech instruments.

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