QMJ has helped many companies achieve ISO 17025 accreditation at the fastest possible time because of its specialization  in this niche. It has also assisted many companies to overcome problems with their accreditation. You have 24 hours direct access to the consultant to ensure full success of your laboratory accreditation.

The Consultancy Areas include:

A) Full solutions in the development of specialized systems for clients business:

  1. Joint identification of type of accreditation with management team
  2. Documentation for ISO including HACCP in compliance to world certifications
  3. Staff recruitment and training to meet accreditation requirements
  4. Monitor and rectify non compliance and develop improvement plans
  5. Auditing of current quality system

B) Solving ISO 17025 Accreditation  issues

  1. Identify documentation and implementing issues
  2. Action plans to rectify issues
  3. Training and development of staff to meet accreditation standards

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